This exhibit has been curated for the love of Reading, Writing and Typing. LA Marler selected the artists included based on this theme and quality of work. All this art is for sale to benefit Beyond Baroque. If you would like to see more or have it shipped anywhere in the world, please contact us.


Tom Hanks autographed the typewriter and typed a very cool note which is also signed. Package includes two autographs, photo of him with machine, note and case and carrying case.

Shepard Fairey

This Shepard Fairey art piece is sold.


This LA Marler mixed media art has been sold.


This Robbie Conal art piece is sold.


These mixed media “KeyWord” art pieces are for sale… please contact us about seeing it or buy it now.

This art here is for sale, please call 310-204-0452 to ask questions or buy it now.


Kim Abeles artwork has been sold.


Nancy Sadler’s artwork is NFS.


Get your limited edition print and help sponsor journalism scholarships… please contact us for more information and to buy it now.


Debra Disman art books are NFS.


This LA Marler artwork is still available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.