Join us for the Second Venice “Type-In”
The Big Read featuring Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”…

Protect and allow freedom of speech…
“Fahrenheit 451” was ground-breaking for creatively and poignantly addressing censorship… Without books, people lose story-telling and lessons. This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is still relevant today for our freedom of expression, as well as the internet and media’s role in providing accurate, complete & unbiased information.


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READ, Write, Type on Fire!
Get on the ground-floor of the second year of this fun, inspiring event. This year’s interactive art show celebrates the great Ray Bradbury and his classic novel, “Fahrenheit 451.”
Artist Louise Marler was born an artist in a typewriter family business, and has devoted her contemporary pop art to this amazing machine. Manual typewriters have done so much for the evolution of man, written work and great art.
The event will feature:
• Interactive Typing stations for participants to TYPE ON! Stations include, poetry, short stories, love letters. Patrons write alone or collaborate with other written words.
• BYOT – bring your own typewriter – to show and tell your typewriter story
• RENT Poet Brian Sonia-Wallace and the Melrose Poetry Bureau will present pieces of Ad lit Lab – a mad experiment in improv & poetry
• Igniting the relationship – Erica Di Bona demonstrates her powerful practice of writing “Thank you” letters
• Celebration of typewriter donation to Smithsonian Museum of American History
• LAFD Station #63 – Fire Engine Photo Booth
• Silent Auction & Raffle
• “Tastebud burning” & wine, other food & beverages
• Rees Electronics for typer service, sales and supplies
• Mike Kelley Gallery – Art exhibit – Literary theme
• Reading of excerpts from the novel “Fahrenheit 451”

Beyond Baroque Literary Art Center in Venice, CA.
Jim Murray Memorial Foundation – College Journalism Scholarships
Reading for all ages and levels – Literacy and Pleasure